Event: Lighting Fixture Design 2018

QuarkStar was just at the 2018 Lighting Fixture Design conference in London, speaking on emerging optical technologies and what can be done with properly shaped optics, including giving downlights a capability they have never had before … an uplight component.
If you missed it, here’s an overview:

Awards & Press

“Winner: Next Generation Luminaire for Emerging Technology”
 – US Department of Energy

“Winner: Next Generation Luminaire for Asymmetric Lighting”
 – US Department of Energy

“The 20 Best Innovations from Light + Building”
 – Lux Review

“Top Ten Products of LFI”

 – Lux Review

“One of the Hottest Lighting Companies in the World”
 – Lux

“Solves the Major Challenges of LED Lighting”
 – MondoArc


We've created a new set of lighting control technologies at nearly every stage of the lighting supply chain unmatched by other lighting products.


The award-winning Edge-X technology family brings luminaire-level capabilities down to the module level, reducing cost and complexity while also enabling superior distribution control and brand new capabilities.


QuarkStar’s Advanced Light Sources brings module and luminaire capabilities down in size to that approaching the package scale. This is a fundamentally new approach, pioneered by QuarkStar team members such as Roland Haitz, that offers significantly more efficiencies than current industry standards while enabling light-shaping and luminaire-level distributions at close to the package level.


The ability to predict color shift and to guarantee color stabilization in packages, modules, and luminaires without complex feedback systems. Only a year old, elements of this technological approach are already being considered as the basis for a new set of official industry standards.


QuarkStar is all about controlling the photons, at every scale above that of the LED chip – from packages to full-scale systems. This in turn enables new forms of controls and control variables, allowing a true personalization of light. Even at the systems level QuarkStar offers new controls, such as a non-PWM direct digital dimming for multi-source systems.

Light Sheets & Threads

QuarkStar’s Light Sheets and Light Threads covers the expanded architectures of solid-state light soures – from linear arrays to areal structures – all coupled to sophisticated optics.

Intellectual Property

Our Team

Louis Lerman, PhD  (Founder)

Scientist and Entrepreneur (including Large-Scale Developments, Building, Robotic Drones)

Roland Haitz†, PhD

Creator of Haitz’s Law and ‘Godfather’ of solid-state lighting

Peter Stormberg, PhD

Former CTO, Philips Lighting

Eric Bretschneider, PhD

Former VP R&D – Lighting Science Group & ETI

Robert Steele, PhD

Founder, Strategies in Light international LED conferences, Strategies Unlimited (Market Research)

Karsten Schwennesen

Former General Counsel, M&A Strategist, and Executive Committee Member, Philips Lighting

Brent York

Former CTO TIR Systems & IP Strategist for Philips Lighting

Ingo Speier

Senior Photonics Scientist

Fish & Richardson

External IP Counsel, longest history/experience in lighting  (patented Thomas Edison’s bulbs)